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Your Process is NOT Punishment

I sat fully clothed, yet naked, bare, and open. My mind flooded with questions. My heart racing for an expected response. My pulse revolting as my eyes welled with the remnants of the spawling emotions that so quickly became my moment. I had one question. I needed just one answer, so I asked. "When will I be chosen!", were the words that stemmed from the emotion-filled tears that now drenched the clothing attempting to cover the rawness of who I was in that moment- "the punished one", so it felt. As I took a breath, held my head up, forced my shoulders to assume a queenly position, the sweat on my trembling palms met the fire of my bitter tears. Then...

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Modesty is the Newest Beauty Trend, and She's Here to Stay!

the Modern Modest Fashion Boutique is an online fashion boutique catering to curvy and plus size women, serving women sizes 10-32. With a heart for women sharing continued growing responsibilities, we aim to provide a place where women can find access to modern but modest fashions while finding solace and rejuvenation from life's everyday task. We aim to provide a shopping experience that reminds each woman that she is unique, loved, appreciated, and admired.  We are just getting started. There is so much to know, and even more room to grow. We hope you'll lock arms on this journey with us. If not, we love you girlfriend.😘 We'll always be here if you need us. Stop by for a dose of love,...

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