Change That Profits

If you are a provider of SERVICE (i.e. Beautician, Barber, Nail Tech etc.) your doors might be locked temporarily, but here a few ways you can still service your clients:

1.)  Make phone calls to clients who were receiving specific treatments (i.e. damage repair, growth, transitioning). Walk them through the care process to continue the treatments at home. Sell them the products you've used to maintain the progress they're already seen. They will appreciate your extra effort and be more favorable in paying a little extra for the same service in the future.

2.) What's your niche? Perfect it and create content to teach/train others your specialized techniques. Consider creating an online master class for specialized training. 

3.) Consider selling group rated (discounted) services for future appointments. (Think of Groupon, but specific to your business) If you have a faithful clientele, create a subscription plan for them that offers extra perks (i.e. weekly style specials, preferred appointment times, etc)

4.) You are an artist. Create a new style, technique, or even a product. Create content around your new creation, and bam- ENDLESS possibilities!

5.) Service and Beauty go hand and hand. You know your clients better than anyone. While there are thousands of YouTube videos for the Beauty industry, none of them are created specifically for YOUR clientele. Now's your time to do it! Create content around the conversations that happen in your chair. A part of the experience is the free counseling offered during service 🤣. Take this time to build your clients from the inside out, even while you may be distant.

6.) If you are now considering ways to minimize overhead and increase profits, think of ways to mobilize. Understand the legal aspects of operations and think, how can I but this on wheels. 🧐 It can expand your reach to clientele as well as give you flexibility to travel while you do what you love.

Skill will bring you clients, but it will ALWAYS be your SERVICE that keeps them coming back and paying the prices you set. Now's the time to set the bar!

Praying that you have innovations, witty ideas, and a creative flow that will cause your business to flourish in the days ahead! This is your time to reset and expand! We will desperately need you all when we can come out and play again, and you will be appreciated even more! 🤗😘


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