Modesty is the Newest Beauty Trend, and She's Here to Stay!

MODESTY! Do you cringe when you hear the word? Many still do, but that is slowly changing, and I believe this time she, yes SHE, is going to get the recognition, attention, and respect she deserves. 

Modesty is a word vastly used across many cultures in the world. Some attribute it to a way of life while others have deemed it as a title of restriction and limitation.  No matter where you stand at the end of the spectrum, the Modern Modest Fashion Boutique (theMMFB) respects your stance, your culture, and your value- even if we don't totally agree. We believe it is your human right to have a choice to decide. Like you, theMMFB has a stance, an adopted culture, and a value system which has become the foundation of our platform, business model, and our merchandise selection. 

In a world where anything goes and is deemed morally and ethically acceptable, or tolerable to say the least, theMMFB has chosen to decide. The verdict is in and WE CHOOSE MODESTY- in its original definition, purpose, and meaning and we vow not to compromise!

Modesty was never just a look, although it has its standards, but it is the inward character that creates the beauty of the heart, and gives a woman power to command respect, attract the right attention, and to be reverenced in the awe and wonder for which she was created. 

We believe it is still important and vitally necessary in this day and age to be grounded, assured, and unapologetic because we chose to stand against the current grain, to color outside the box and the lines, to forge a new path while the retail and fashion industries transition from trend to trend with the evolution of technology. In the midst of change, of transition and the coming of the new age in which we live, the Modern Modest Fashion Boutique wants you to know exactly who we are, what we do, and what we believe.

We believe it is our duty to dress you outwardly and fashion you inwardly. We want you to have the opportunity to be cute, healed and whole- it just feels better! Plus we're too cute to be broken girlfriend! 

So while you shop or just stroll through you'll find reminders or your beauty, value, and a cheerleader in the corner rooting for you no matter where you are in life. So to you sister, friend, daughter, mother, grandmother, gigi, wife and any variation of the many hats you wear daily, girlfriend over here is cheering you on, praying you have the grace, the love, and the resources you need to get to your next level! So go girlfriend! 

Be Modern,
Be Modest,
Be Beauty.
the Modern Modest Fashion Boutique

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